Leadership: evolving from manager to leader

Work-Life-Balance: reinforce equilibrium

Generation 55pus: Planning life transitions

Lateral thinkers: breaking out of your treadmill


As a coach I accompany people in processes of change:

either in their every day life in general or in their career, in the implementation of projects, the mastering of crisis, or simply in the realization of life aspirations.

I’m at your side with my well equipped coaching toolbox. I listen to you, challenge you with questions you don’t dare to ask yourself and draw your attention to matters nobody would talk to you about.
Together we explore your potential, define goals and dare to create visions. We specifically focus on those matters where you want to see changes appear.
Step by step and mindfully, I’ll guide you with empathy to the life that fulfills you and has the imprint of your personality.



evolving from manager to leader

Leaders are like conductors: They allow each team member to play his own tune and bring all players together in perfect harmony.


reinforce equilibrium

When the pressure to deliver at work or in private life increases, we lose our balance and feel the stress. Discover new perspectives!

Generation 55plus

Planning life transitions and placement processes

Life develops in chapters, which are rich in new possibilities. However, fears sometimes hinder us to spot new chances. There is no need for that!

Lateral thinking

breaking out of your treadmill

Lateral thinkers tick differently. They are creative, sometimes recalcitrant, often courageous. They can teach us a lot! Let us think out-of-the-box together and make your life vision come true!